Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jacked up

Love the jacked up back.
Not a big fan of this kind of "art" but there are tiny bits here and there that are kinda cool...


IDRVMFV? Not sure what that means. But this thing is kinda badass for a VW!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Total Wet Dream

Yes. I creamed my panties.
Saw this while driving through Mojave and had to stop.
Photo of the inside didn't turn out because of reflection on window -- but the inside was a disaster. All gutted and engine torn OUT.

Double sighting!

So I saw this van one day...
And then a couple weeks later, saw it again!

And the guy who owns it was there with it.
He sells these crazy yo yo things that light up.
And dresses very silly.

The dash and ceiling of the van had some cool bling!

A Beast

Man, these newer vans are ugly!

This van's been around!

I like this van's collage of photos in the window. Showing the van in different cool locations. Nice!